We are living in unprecedented times. At Worcester & Stratford Hearing Centres we have come to the difficult decision to cancel our clinic for all face-to-face consultations from Tuesday 24th March until further notice.

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Our Happy Patients

Edward Clift Testimonial
Callie Halliday

I have been their Patient for two years and they have carried out all my audiology needs. The service and attention I have received has been second to none

Matt Gilbert

Callie HallidayMy names Callie Halliday and I'm a canoe sprint athlete. I was born with a hearing loss in both ears and My parents where always determine to not let it hold me or my sister back. I've always been quite sporty but happen to fall in love with a sport that can make wearing hearing aids and hearing in general quite difficult due to the water, wind, rain and being a distance from the coaches while training. I've been paddling since I was 12 years old and would happily get on rivers and be in a little world of Callie, it wasn't until i was 19/20 that I felt my hearing, or lack of, was holding me back and having an effect on my training and racing. I started to look down the route of waterproof hearing aids but wasn't even sure if they existed. Me and my mum went to Worcester hearing centre to have a chat with Tom and his team. It was so refreshing that Tom had loads of solutions and ideas and was really determined to help find a solution that worked for me, my coach and my sport. Tom fitted me with my starky halos, and to be honest I don't really like change, especially something like hearing aids, but it was definitely a great choice as it has had a huge positive impact on my training and as a result my racing. I trained all this winter with my new hearing aids and this season I've managed to gain 2 pbs and been invited to race and train out in France at the women's canoe cup which I'm really excited about. I'd like to thank Tom and Worcester hearing centre for helping find a solution and the continued support.

Callie Halliday

Just a line to thank you for your excellent after service set up you have at the Hearing Centre. Our journey of 65 miles from Swindon was well worth the effort as our aids are back to full efficiency. Thanks also for the extra's you gave us.
Best Wishes

Brian and June Pearce/ Swindon

When I went for a hearing test just three months ago I knew that my hearing wasn't what it should be. I struggled to hear conversations if there was background noise and I had suffered with tinnitus for many years. Tom gave me a very thorough hearing test and took time to explain the results and answer all of my many questions. I will never forget the day my hearing aids were fitted. It was a revelation! I had forgotten what it was like to hear properly. Traffic noise was louder but so too was bird song - what a delight. The tinnitus, while not cured, is much quieter and no longer troubles me. Visiting Worcester Hearing Centre was the best thing I could have done. I wear my hearing aids all day, every day and once in I can forget them. Putting them in each morning is as much part of my routine as cleaning my teeth. I have had regular check ups where I have been guided through each stage and know that I can always contact Tom by 'phone or e-mail at any time if I have a problem although this hasn't been necessary. Thank you Tom for making me feel 'connected' to the world again.

Jane Reynolds

I have worn hearing aids for over 20 years and visited one or two audiologists along the way. I recently heard about the Worcester Hearing centre and haven't looked back. Victoria and Tom have been so good with me, I have encountered a few problems along the way with my new hearing aids but they have always been so very patient and understanding with me always taking time to see me with any concerns I had. It is thanks to their knowledge and experience that I now have the hearing aids that best suit my needs and are the best I have ever worn. I can't thank them enough and would not hesitate to recommend then to anyone. Thank you both.

Pauline / Alvechurch

Victoria, Tom, absolutely brilliant. I had a fantastic day on Saturday; they do all that you said they would and more. Many thanks"

Mr Waite

I never thought I would find a service where the customer (Patient) comes first. EUREKA I found it at Worcester Hearing Centre. Victoria and Tom have gone out of their way for the last six months seeing me on a weekly basis to resolve complex hearing problems that I have had for many years. They have succeeded where others had no interest apart from taking wax out of my ears. I would like to take this opportunity to thank them for all they have done for me and will continue to see them, as I need further treatment. I would confidently recommend them to anyone with hearing problems. I wish Worcester Hearing Centre every success in the future. Yours sincerely, Mr Booth P.s I would be happy to speak to anybody regarding this testimony.

Mr Booth

I would highly recommend going along to Worcester Hearing Centre. They have a caring and professional attitude where nothing is too much trouble; it’s like being part of a family. They are always there when you need them. I met Victoria and her staff when I was finding my old hearing aid was not enough. She listened to my concerns and needs and after a thorough examination and discussion together we found the right hearing aids for me. It’s great to be able to hear better, and to know there is always a professional team at the Hearing Centre ready to give advice. Kind regards

Myles and Christine

I have been wearing hearing aids since the age of 5 years. For most of those years I have been 'putting up' with only really hearing noise - not listening to sound. Struggling to take part in conversation, or just hear what was being said lead me to think - This is as good as it's ever going to get - So just keep living with it. My previous hearing aids needed replacing and so I chose to use Worcester Hearing Centre to help me with finding my next pair. Although the technology had clearly advanced significantly in the 5 years prior to June 2012. It was the expertise, understanding and foresight that Victoria was able to apply that really made the difference. With Victoria's help, I am now relearning to listen - not by lipreading or by asking other to repeat what was said. No more smiling politely, sitting quietly at the back - But actually listening and understanding. Taking part. Thank you Victoria - You have helped release me from a torment that has lasted over 40 years.

Ade Robinson

Having had a basic hearing device(s) for some years I eventually got to the point that using the national health curtailed what was best in hearing devices through no fault of the team in the NHS but budget and staff levels . I therefore decided to go private.

Having met Tom at his show the previous year and spoken to some of the sales reps from the various firms that were displaying at the show, I had a fair idea what I needed.

What I had not expected was the level of service. First the hearing test! Then the discussion on what was available and recommendations on what device should be fitted..

Fitting came along within a week and thereafter for the next few weeks there were regular appointments to review the state of the devices and what could be tweeked to improve matters based on my feedback and discussions on what could be improved. A real personal service when the patients needs were looked at, discussed and then a suitable course identified.

The result is a far better range of hearing, much more user control and we are still looking at other options as I raise questions on how the devices operate and what other accessories might aid my hearing. Still early days but already I am noticing a far better range of sounds that I have been able to hear for years. All in all a brilliant team who are available should I have a question or pop in to see them.

I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Phil Dunn

Victoria and Tom Dixon are both very helpful and polite explaining everything, nothing is too much trouble. Their premises and equipment are of a very high standard. Their aim is to make sure you are happy with the latest technology they are using, and you are comfortable with your hearing aids. I wish them all the very best with many more years in practice to come.

Kay Bamford-Burnell

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