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Tom Dixon

29th February 2020

Trouble Hearing in Noise? You Might Need More Than Just Hearing Aids

But how will you know if you need a full hearing solution, not just a hearing aid?

I spoke on our Worcester Hearing Centre blog recently why a comprehensive hearing test is important. I thought today that I would discuss in a deeper manner why hearing aids might not be enough to help you hear in noisy situations and how we will know it and be able to offer you a solution. Let's talk about the QuickSIN speech in noise test, better hearing solutions and how they work.

What is the QuickSIN test?

QuickSIN is a powerful but quick test which allows us to understand how well you understand speech in noise. The test is simple, you sit facing a speaker and you will be presented with six sentences in increasing levels of background noise.

QuickSIN sentences

You simply have to repeat the sentence and we score you on how well you do. Many of us will present you with two lists of sentences to get a more accurate result, even with the two lists, the test takes no more than five minutes. 

Scoring the test

We score the test on a 0 to 25 scale based on your ability to repeat the sentences. The scores fall within four bands which are:

  • 0 to 3dB: May hear better than normal hearing people in noise with hearing aids
  • 3 to 7dB: May hear almost as well as normal hearing people in noise with hearing aids
  • 7 to 15dB: Directional mics help, consider an array mic (start to consider accessories)
  • greater than 15dB: Maximum Signal to Noise Ratio improvement needed. Consider FM system

The test allows us to understand your ability to understand speech at differing levels of background noise. It also advises us on the best level of support you will need to get a chance to understand speech in noisy situations. It is a great test because it allows us to give you better recommendations.

A solution, not a hearing aid

As you can see above, the score is important for the best recommendation of a solution for you. For instance, if you score below 15 higher-level technology hearing aids will give you the best opportunity to hear in noise or mid-level hearing aids with wireless accessories.

If you score over 15, well then your solution will involve good hearing aids and wireless accessories such as remote microphones or FM accessories such as the Roger Pen or Roger Select from Phonak. Understanding this information ensures that we talk to you about the best solution for you and your lifestyle needs.

Remote Microphones

A remote microphone acts to stream the voice of whoever it is clipped onto, directly to your ears. It means that even in a noisy restaurant, you can hear your companion clearly. Or if you are attending a presentation or lecture, the speakers voice appears in your ears. This ensures that even with a lot of background noise, you get the very best opportunity to understand what is being said.

Remote microphones have been around for a very long time, in the recent past, most hearing aid brands have introduced direct connect remote microphones. That means that the directly stream audio to the hearing aids without any intermediary device. This has made them easier to carry and to use.

Oticon Connect Clip

The picture above is of the Connect-Clip remote microphone from Oticon that works with the Oticon Opn S and Opn hearing aids. It is one of the new breeds of remote microphones that is multi-functional and connects directly to their hearing aids. It will allow you to stream audio from your connected devices, answer phone calls hands-free, act as a remote control for your hearing aids and act as a remote microphone.

Roger systems

The Roger Select, seen above, is another remote microphone system that offers real benefit. The Roger system, from Phonak, offers audio streaming via FM. That means the clarity of audio is second to none. The Roger Select will act as both a remote mic that can be clipped to your partner's collar and a desk or table mic. It is smart enough to understand what aspect it is being used in and automatically choose the best option. The Roger System will work in a direct connection manner with many of the new Marvel range from Phonak.

The Best Solution For You

In finishing, sometimes the best solution for your hearing needs is more than just hearing aids. It's important for both us and you to identify that and to understand it. Because when we do, it means that you can get on with living. Only an in-depth hearing test will allow us to understand that. If you are looking for a hearing test in Stratford Upon Avon, call us on 01789 264 111 or click the contact us button below.

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