We are living in unprecedented times. At Worcester & Stratford Hearing Centres we have come to the difficult decision to cancel our clinic for all face-to-face consultations from Tuesday 24th March until further notice.

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Service Pricing

Hearing Aid Pricing

There are over 4,500 different hearing aids on the market, so we offer a FREE initial assessment so that we can perform a detailed evaluation of your hearing ability and personal needs in order to provide you with a bespoke patient care plan that will include the most suitable technology for you.

Our bespoke hearing care packages start from £1,100 and can range up to £2,150 for the most advanced technology available.

At Worcester Hearing Centres, we understand that private hearing care can be considered expensive and when purchasing a pair of hearing aids, the on going service required to keep and your ears maintained and devices programmed efficiently cannot always be appreciated until it is required. This is often the difference in the level of satisfaction that a customer has with their hearing care provider.

Comments like “I only saw them once after the hearing aids were fitted and nothing since”, are all too familiar to us. The high street or online providers are often the facilitators of such dissatisfaction but in their defence, they did not offer you best practice on going care because they have just used the term all after care inclusive. This allows them to decide what they do for you instead of using the best practice principles that ensure every system is programmed to work for each individual customer and enable them to get the very best performance out of the devices they are using.

We very much believe in our Premium Care Plan and it is often the only reason for our customers to choose us over the high street or online providers. The high street and online providers on the outset appear to do the same as us but for a cheaper price and commoditise the process into the purchase of a pair of hearing aids, instead of providing the best service and care along with those aids. Their existing customers and we know that this is not the case. They have a very streamlined on-going service protocol that in most cases causes high levels of dissatisfaction. There are also major differences in what acceptable fitting of devices is and what is best practice.

You can read all about our best practice Premium Care Plan and why we think it is important below. You can also hear from some of our existing customers about their experiences and why they would not choose any other provider to look after their hearing care HERE.

Premium Care Plan

Worcester Hearing Centres offers their customers a Premium Care Plan that involves all of the normal services and so much more. The Premium Plan is designed to give the consumer who may feel they need it total peace of mind. The Premium Care Plan is a service that delivers total peace of mind and everything that you need to benefit from your hearing aids without interruption. It delivers a menu of services that would be likely to cost up to £510 per year for customers who purchase hearing aids from other providers.

Services included in the Premium Care Plan:

Appointment Type

Best Practice Fitting Protocol

Best practice Fitting protocol including REM’s verification, Insitu audiometry, real-world experience with live speech in noise testing

Full Rehabilitation Protocol

In-Depth follow up rehabilitation and counselling protocol

Full Review Protocol

6 months reviews inc clean & check and fine-tune

Full 12/18 Month Reassessment

Full 12/18 month reassessment delivering a complete testing protocol and re-fitting service

Unlimited Fine-tuning or Review Appointments

If you need us, we are there

Drop-in Repair/ Clean and Checks

Service while you wait, simply drop-in

Ear wax removal

Free ear wax removal no matter how many times you need it

Hearing Aid Warranty

An extra year of peace of mind, warranty repairs

Unlimited Wax Guards

Unlimited wax guards to keep your hearing aids going without interruption

Unlimited Batteries

Unlimited Rayovac batteries so you are never without power

Loan Hearing Aid Service

If you need a loan of a hearing aid, we can provide it.

Hearing Care Services Prices

Appointment Type

Initial Consultation

Diagnostic Hearing Evaluation. Includes Pure Tone Audiometry, Middle Ear Anatomy Test and Speech Discrimination in Background Noise Assessment.

Promotion £25

Tinnitus Assessment

Includes Tinnitus Pitch and Loudness Matching using the revolutionary MEDRX Tinnometer.


Hearing Aid Reprogramming

For non Worcester & Stratford Hearing Centres clients.


Hearing Aid Major Repair

Includes Diagnostic, Repair and Service Overhaul.


Hearing Aid Minor Repair

Speaker/Receiver. For non Worcester & Stratford Hearing Centres clients.


Ear Wax Removal

£40 Per Ear

ENT / GP / Medical Legal

Diagnostic Hearing Assessment and Report


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