We are living in unprecedented times. At Worcester & Stratford Hearing Centres we have come to the difficult decision to cancel our clinic for all face-to-face consultations from Tuesday 24th March until further notice.

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Hearing Aids From The Best Hearing Aid Brands, in Stratford Upon Avon

Hearing devices from global leading hearing aid manufacturers, combined with first class care and service. Call us on 01789 264 111 or click the button below to book your free consultation now.

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At Stratford Hearing Centre, we know that the hearing aids you may wear are an important part of the solution to your needs. We only supply the very latest hearing aids from the world's best manufacturers as part of our tailored solutions.

Satisfaction Guaranteed or a 100% refund for your hearing aids

Call us on 01789 264 111 to book your full hearing assessment.

We provide the very best hearing aids from global hearing aid brands such as Phonak, Oticon, Widex and others. As an Independent hearing care provider we have access to all of the leading brands which allow us to provide the very best hearing solution for you.

Rechargeable Hearing Aids

We offer the very latest rechargeable hearing aids from all of the major hearing aid brands. They are outstanding devices that offer real benefits. You can read more about rechargeable hearing aids here.

Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Bluetooth hearing aids have become exceptionally popular over the last few years and every major brand offers them. There are many benefits from them over and above just connection to a mobile phone. You can read more about Bluetooth hearing aids here.

Invisible Hearing Aids

We offer the very latest invisible hearing devices from all of the global leading hearing aid manufacturers. They are popular because they offer better hearing with the ultimate discretion. They do have their pros and cons though and they aren't suitable for everyone. You can read more about invisible hearing aids here.

Hearing Aid Prices

our hearing aid prices range between £1100 to £2150 depending on technology level. Our outstanding care and service package remains the same no matter what technology is purchased. We also offer Real Ear Measurements with every hearing aid we fit, no matter the technology level. You can see our hearing aid package prices here.

Real Ear Measurements

Real Ear Measurements are the only way that hearing aid function can be verified in the ear. It allows us to clearly see what the hearing aid is doing, and to make changes if needed. It is the best practice process to ensure your hearing aid is delivering exactly what it should be.

Premium Levels of Care

We offer premium levels of care and service, no matter what level of hearing aid technology you purchase. But what counts as premium levels of hearing care? You can read more about the best level of hearing care here.

Experienced Healthcare

Over 25 years experience delivering the best hearing aids backed up with a strong belief in customer service and after care. Offering the very best level of bespoke hearing care, tailored to suit all hearing needs

Completely Independent Advice

As a completely independent hearing healthcare provider we can offer you un-biased advice on the best hearing aid solution for your hearing loss

The Best Solutions

We only offer the best hearing aid solutions available from the very best hearing aid manufacturers. So you can be guaranteed that the solution you are offered is the best available

Phonak Hearing Aids

Phonak is one of the premium hearing device manufacturers. They deliver outstanding solutions for people with all types of hearing loss. We have much experience with Phonak devices and we find that our customers who use there devices are always very pleased. They have a truly positive impact on people's ability to communicate in noisy environments.

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Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon's focus is on Brain Hearing, delivering sound stimulation designed to allow the brain to work at its best to make sense of the world around you. Their passion is to empower people in need of hearing support and it continues to drive their innovation today.

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The Truly Invisible Lyric Hearing Aid

The first truly invisible hearing, long wear with no battery changes, simply wear it all day, every day!

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Wear it 24/7

Wear it all day, every day

No Limitations

Wear it while exercising, wear it while sleeping, you can even wear it in the shower

Widex Hearing Aids

Widex is another one of the premium hearing aid manufacturers. Since its inception in 1956, Widex has been renowned for following its own path. They are famous for the quality of their sound and are seen as one of the leaders in technology innovation. They are committed to delivering the most natural sound available.

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Signia Hearing Aids

Signia is one of the hearing aid brands that we rely on, they offer outstanding hearing aids withe state of the art technology. Signia is the new brand that was previously called Siemens Hearing Aids. Bought out by a private consortium in 2015, they are one of the largest manufacturers of hearing instruments worldwide.

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Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron are renowned for innovation and a strong focus on people, employees, partners and the people with hearing loss that they serve. They say that there true validation is the people they serve and their happiness.

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GN Resound Hearing Aids

Gn Resound are a long established hearing device brand that are also famous for innovation. Their latest offering, a Made For iPhone hearing aid range, has generated real excitement outside of our traditional market.

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Hearing Aid Guide

Our Guide To Better Hearing

We thought it would be a good idea to make an easy reference guide for our customers and for others looking for information. So we launched the Stratford Hearing Centre Guide, it details:

  • Who we are
  • What we do
  • How we can help
  • Our commitment to you

We hope you find it useful, it is a free download, click below to download it. You can to save to read later on any of your devices. Please feel free to share it around if you wish.

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Hearing Aid Types and Technology

Each of the hearing aid brands offers their hearing aids in different levels of technology and model types such as:

  • In The Ear
  • Behind The Ear
  • Receiver In Canal
  • Invisible

You can read a full run-down on hearing aid types here

We provide solutions that deliver effortless hearing, so you can get on with simply enjoying the moment

Hearing Aid packages

Hearing aid images

Why You Can Trust in Us

We have taken every care to ensure that we provide one of, if not the best, hearing device services available. We are dedicated to delivering exellence across our hearing care services. 

Dedicated To Excellence

We are dedicated to delivering excellence in all that we do. Offering in-depth hearing tests and diagnosis in order that we completely understand your hearing loss and lifestyle needs.

Cutting Edge Technology

We only use cutting edge technology from the best manufacturers available. We back up that technology with our Satisfaction Guarantee, You hear better or get your money back.

Dedicated To Patients

We pride ourselves on being less expensive than many national companies, whilst offering the very best in bespoke aftercare and customer service to all our clients.

Looking For Safe, Comfortable Micro suction
Earwax Removal in Stratford Upon Avon?

we have invested heavily in an ENT clinic grade ear care set up, for providing both micro suction and endoscopic ear wax removal at our hearing aid centre in Stratford

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