We are living in unprecedented times. At Worcester & Stratford Hearing Centres we have come to the difficult decision to cancel our clinic for all face-to-face consultations from Tuesday 24th March until further notice.

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Are you tired of struggling to hear?

The smell of good food,
the company of great friends,
the conversations you aren't a part of

A nice night out, dinner with friends, you should be enjoying it. Instead, you are tired from concentrating on what everyone is saying and worried that you are going to get the answers wrong.

An important event,
family and friends,
laughter and joy,
the chat you can't hear

A simple joy, catching up with family and old friends, sharing the joy of a special event. Enjoying the conversation shouldn't be an ordeal

Premium Hearing Care, Stratford Upon Avon

We Know That We Can Help

With over 30 years experience providing hearing solutions that work, we are confident that we can do so for you. In fact, we are so sure that we offer a cast iron guarantee that our bespoke solutions will meet your hearing needs, or you will receive a 100% refund for your hearing aids. We call it the Satisfaction Guarantee.

We tailor customised hearing solutions for individual needs

We understand that hearing is a very individual sense and hearing loss and its effects are just as individual. That's why we believe that every one of our customers should have a hearing aid solution designed for them, their individual hearing loss and hearing needs.

We are a family run, premier, independent hearing healthcare provider, who offer professional hearing care advice for people and their referring Specialists. We pride ourselves on offering the very highest level of bespoke hearing care, tailoring solutions to suit all hearing needs

Our Hearing Aid Prices

Our hearing aid prices range between £1100 to £2150 depending on technology level. Our outstanding care and service package remains the same no matter what technology is purchased. We also offer Real Ear Measurements with every hearing aid we fit, no matter the technology level.

Real Ear Measurements

Real Ear Measurements are the only way that hearing aid function can be verified in the ear. It allows us to clearly see what the hearing aid is doing, and to make changes if needed. It is the best practice process to ensure your hearing aid is delivering exactly what it should be.

Premium Levels of Care

We offer premium levels of care and service, no matter what level of hearing aid technology you purchase. But what counts as premium levels of hearing care? You can read more about the best level of hearing care here.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Contact us on 01789 264 111 or click below to start your journey.

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Our Hearing Healthcare Services

Hearing Aids From The Best Manufacturers

Only the most modern manufacturer branded hearing aids from the leading manufacturers in the world. You can be sure that you are getting the latest and best possible solution for you and your needs. Combined with outstanding service. We guarantee it.

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The Truly Invisible Lyric Hearing Aids

The Lyric is an invisible, extended-wear hearing aid, which is designed to be worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - no matter what you are doing. It is truly invisible, being placed deeply in the ear canal. It can also be worn for months at a time. Is The Lyric Hearing Aid For You? 

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Ear Cleaning

Micro Suction Ear
Wax Removal

We undertake specialist earcare services and we offer easy and gentle earwax removal via microsuction & irrigation. Safe, comfortable and instant ear wax removal with purpose built equipment

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Hearing Test

We undertake comprehensive diagnostic hearing test and hearing aid evaluations ensuring that you can have complete confidence in your test results and the recommendations we make for you. This ensures that we deliver the solution you need.

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Tinnitus Advice & Management

We understand that tinnitus can be a difficult thing to deal with and we offer tinnitus management services in our Practice. Whilst there is currently no cure for tinnitus, it can be treated successfully. Let us help you get relief from the incessant sound in your head

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Musician's Hearing Protection

In ear monitors and industrial hearing protection. Musician & DJ's in ear monitors and custom headphones, custom moulded ER filtered hearing protection to protect your most precious asset, your ability to hear the music or simply your ability to hear

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See what our valued clients have to say

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Discovering Your Needs

Your hearing test results are crucial to making a diagnosis and designing a treatment for your hearing loss. That's why we offer a full and professional hearing test in a relaxed manner.

Understanding Your Needs

In order to deliver a solution designed to meet all of your needs, we first need to understand what they are. Getting to know you and your needs is an important part of the process.

Customising Your Solution

Your hearing aids and your treatment will be customised to you and your hearing loss. We will ensure that they will continue deliver the help that you need in the situations you need it.

Continuing Care & Support

We have a firm promise, you will receive the continuing time, care and attention, that you need and deserve. We believe that better hearing and experiencing the simple joys in life are important. Our sole focus is to help you achieve both of these things through dedicated care.

We provide hearing solutions that deliver, so you can get on with simply enjoying the moment

We have helped over three thousand people just like you to reclaim the joy of hearing effortlessly

The Outcome For You

We really do understand that everyone is different, with different needs and wants - that’s why our solutions are tailored. You can be certain that you will get the best results for you. We will help you with the situations you want to hear in like:

Hearing Your Favourite TV Programmes
Actively Enjoying Your
Social Life & Activities
Easy Conversation With Your Family & Friends

Are You Looking For A Solution For Your Hearing Needs Call us on 01789 264 111 or book Your appointment online now

Looking For Ear Wax Removal in Stratford?

We have invested heavily in an ENT clinic-grade ear care set up, for providing both micro suction and endoscopic ear wax removal at our hearing aid centre in Stratford Upon Avon.

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News & Views

Latest thoughts + musings from the team.

Tuesday 24 March 2020
An update on our changes in relation to Covid-19

With recent changes to governement advice, we have now closed our clinics to face to face appointments

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Monday 16 March 2020
Stratford Hearing Centre Coronavirus Communication

During the recent outbreak of COVID-19 Coronavirus, we have been following UK government guidelines and working with the rolling

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Sunday 1 March 2020
Sometimes, hearing aids aren't enough, why you might need accessories

Have you a lot of trouble hearing in noise? While hearing aids may help, for some people they just aren't enough. But how will you know if you need a full hearing solution, not just a hearing aid?

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A few of the Hearing Aid Laboratories we work with.

Phonak Hearing Aids
Widex Hearing Aids
Oticon Hearing Aids
Signia hearing aids

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