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Tom Dixon

12th February 2018

100 Free Hearing Assessments To Be Undertaken During Our Open Week

We cordially invite you to reserve your space during our Open Week between the 19th and the 23rd of February. Get a completely Free hearing assessment

New Year, New Hear!

Now that the Christmas season is over, were you able to hear your loved ones through the festivities? With more than the average background noise at this busy time of the year, with children playing and your favourite Christmas movie on, could you hear as well as you wanted to? 

Christmas can highlight the fact that you may need to have your hearing checked. If you felt you were struggling to hear your loved ones clearly, we at Stratford Hearing Centre can help you hear better.  

From state of the art discreet hearing devices to ear wax removal, our professional audiologists will provide you with bespoke hearing solutions. We want to give people a chance to benefit from a free consultation with an audiologist worth £90 for anyone who is having any hearing difficulties or may need to see a hearing aid specialist. 

Our state of the art hearing centre is one of the highest standard practices in the country, the practice boasts a custom-made sound booth for performing detailed hearing tests.
Director of Audiology Tom Dixon says “This is the perfect opportunity for any local people who have any hearing difficulties to come and see a team of highly qualified professionals who specialise in providing a high standard expertise and care.”

The assessment will consist of a full evaluation of your hearing and ear health, you will be shown the inside of your ear on a video otoscope, pure tone audiogram will be performed to show the hearing thresholds and then a speech in noise test to establish a level of real world, effective hearing.

A new year brings a new opportunity to improve your hearing. We have 100 free hearing assessments available, to reserve your space please call 01789264111 or visit to register

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Looking For Ear Wax Removal in Stratford?

we have invested heavily in an ENT clinic grade ear care set up, for providing both micro suction and irrigation ear wax removal at our hearing aid centre in Stratford Upon Avon

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