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Ear Wax

Ear wax is just a mixture of oils sweat and skin cells, it isn't a bad thing and in fact is thought to be a protection mechanism for the ear canal. It only causes issue when the natural expulsion of it is interrupted and it builds up. As it builds up it can block the ear canal causing some issues with hearing.

If you push the ear wax further into the canal with a cotton bud, the ear wax can become impacted against the ear drum which can even be painful. Quite often, the first time you may realise you have a problem is when you have a shower or get out of a swimming pool. 

This is because ear wax is like a sponge, it soaks up water and expands within the ear canal, completely blocking it. Leading to a sudden hearing loss and a very unpleasent full, stuffed up feeling.

Do you suffer from any of these symptoms?

  • a feeling of fullness in the ear
  • muffled hearing
  • mild tinnitus
  • ​sudden hearing loss after swimming or showering

If those symptoms sound familiar then you could have excess ear wax blocking your ear canal.

Our Earwax Removal Service

earwax removal microscope

We offer ear cleaning in two methods, micr suction earwax removal and endoscopic earwax removal. Both methods are exceptionally safe and comfortable. Our earwax removal service is now an integral part of our wider hearing healthcare services.

Don't Try This At Home

Cotton buds don't work, they just push it towards the ear drum and can cause even more problems and it is difficult to remove. Do not poke anything down your ear with the view of relieving the problem yourself.  The lining of the ear is very delicate and believe us when we say it, you do not want to burst your ear drum.

There are home removal kits available, however you need to use these very carefully and Hopi ear candles just don't work, it is a con. Leave it to one of our registered clinical specialists to remove the wax for you.

Once you have had your ears cleaned, we will provide you with an ear health check every 6 months to monitor the level of wax, so that you can make an informed decision when you want the wax removed in the future. 

Although a certain amount of earwax is necessary and healthy, it can also effect the wearing of hearing instruments, so we advise regular check-ups of both your ears and your hearing aids.

Endoscopic Earwax Removal

Endoscopic ear wax removal is a newly introduced procedure that involves the removal of ear wax with the help of an endoscope. The endoscope is used to view the ear canal while the ear wax is being removed. We have now introduced endoscopic earwax removal to our Practice. The use of a specialist endoscope to remove earwax has clear advantages over any other removal method. The endoscope allows us a high definition extra wide view of the ear canal which makes the removal of ear wax even easier and safer. It also makes the procedure easy to perform.


Ear Wax Removal appointment (Endoscopic)- 30 minutes 

  • Assessment of wax build up 
  • Removal of wax via suction or ENT tools 
  • Application of cetrimide antiseptic cream to ensure the ear stays calm and no dry skin irritation occurs 
  • Post procedure assessment to ensure all wax is cleared and a healthy ear is observed


Endoscopic ear wax removal from £40 per ear

Micro Suction Earwax Removal

We have now introduced microsuction earwax removal services to our Practice. As part of our commitment to offering cutting edge care to our Patients we were committed to offering this service. 

Why Microsuction?

Microsuction is a safe and comfortable method of earwax removal, no liquids are introduced during the procedure which is undertaken with a microscope and a finely balanced medical suction device. The fact that we can clearly see the ear canal and what we are doing makes it exceptionally safe. With no liquids involved it is especially comfortable for a Patient and it is usually undertaken in a few minutes.

Ear Wax Removal appointment (Microsuction)- 30 minutes 

  • Assessment of wax build up 
  • Removal of wax via suction 
  • Application of cetrimide antiseptic cream to ensure the ear stays calm and no dry skin irritation occurs 
  • Post procedure assessment to ensure all wax is cleared and a healthy ear is observed


Micro suction ear wax removal from £40 per ear

Same Day Ear Wax Removal

With microsuction wax removal we can remove wax the very same day we see it.  You do not have to put oil in for weeks and weeks in advance, in fact, you may not need to put any in at all!!  However, a spray of pharmaceutical olive oil the evening before your appointment about an hour before bed, will help condition the skin and make the procedure even more comfortable. At our hearing aid centre we offer a relaxed atmosphere, allowing sufficient time with all our patients to remove wax, in a safe and gentle way. We also offer an on-screen video image of the wax in the ear and the cleared ear after treatment. 

Ear wax removal has become increasingly difficult over the years to access.  Some surgeries provide this service and some don't and there doesn't appear to be any reason why it is different from one surgery to another. Upon attending our centre, our Team of Experts  will show you your ear using the latest techniques, video otoscopy, where you will see for yourself the condition of your ear canal.  We will then determine the best method for removal of your wax, and show you again the result at the end of the consultation

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